Understanding The Basics Of The Litigation Process

Litigation is the act putting of a dispute before a court or a tribunal. The purpose of any litigation process is to seek monetary compensation or any form of relief that one feels they deserve. These lawsuits progress in an orderly manner through a number of steps listed below:

Filing a complaint/ answer a complaint
Litigation begins when the plaintiff files a document with the court called a complaint which identifies both parties to the dispute, describes the facts of the dispute matter specifying the damages caused by the acts or omissions of the opposing party called the Defendant.

Pleadings is a legal term that covers all written legal documents filed with the court during litigation.

If the service of the complaint does not result in any settlement then the plaintiff is advised to start the discovery process which involves the exchange of information between the parties.

Settlement conferences
The court usually requires both parties to attend a settlement conference which aims to see if the dispute will be resolved before any trial. It further continues to a trial if both parties cannot reach a settlement.

During trial each party is required to present their evidence and question witnesses in an attempt to make their case convincing.

Appeal (Possibly)
A party that is unhappy with the verdict of the trial is allowed to appeal to a higher court to review the proceeding.

The title litigator is one who moves a lawsuit through the judicial or court case. Applied to a lawyer it often refers to a licensed attorney who assists clients in preparing and trying lawsuits they are involved in. For one to be a good litigator they have to attend law school and present extensive knowledge of law.

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Karl’s educational credentials are a true testimony to his skill and experience. He has pursued English and Literature over at Swarthmore College before joining the Tempe University Beasley School of law to get his honors.

Karl began his career path with Conrad O’Brien as an Associate then moved to Pepper Hamilton LLP as a Project Attorney and is presently a Contract Attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA.

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Securus Technologies Smothers the Competition

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of communications platforms for correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. Currently, over 2,200 correctional institutions are served as well as over 1,200,000 inmates.


Securus provides different communications platforms such as full and limited phone services, so families will be able to keep in touch with their loved ones who are incarcerated. Different payment plans such as debit plans, collect, direct bill and others make it convenient to tailor a plan that fits the needs of the participant. There is also jail voicemail, email and money transfer capabilities.


Recently, GTL, a major competitor has made public announcements that they have facilities and rates that are much better than Securus and that people should switch their usage from Securus to GTl. Consequently, Securus has offered to have a public challenge, to be judged by an independent source to prove the claims that GTL is making to be false. There are no better rates in the industry, and with the broad reach of Securus programs, there is no better service.


With all the noise and bravado put forth by GTL when things got down to the wire, GTL politely bowed out of the challenge and decided not to compete. This is what Securus thought would happen because GTL has very limited capabilities in comparison to Securus.


Customers who have switched over to Securus from GTL have overwhelmingly stated that they prefer the services that are offered by Securus by a 3 to 1 margin over the GTL services. Securus has enjoyed an excellent reputation due to its investment in the best possible technology and the award-winning call center that helps customers get where they want to go. For the best institutional communications, it is always Securus that brings home the best in performance and quality.