Hussain Sajwani: An Innate entrepreneur

“You would make millions not billions in catering.” Hussain Sajwani responded with the above quip when asked about his unconventional move from catering to real estate. The founder and CEO of the tremendously successful DAMAC Properties is well known for his beautiful business mind. Entrepreneurship runs through his veins.

Hussain’s Journey to Where he is Now

Born in the early 1950s to a middle-class family of five children, Hussain Sajwani worked in the family company from a tender age. He admits having learned a lot from his father. DAMAC owner also confirms of being inspired by his father’s hard work, skill, and ambition. Sajwani’s dad wanted him to forego education and work in the family business being the eldest, but he was reluctant as he was good in school and he had had some harsh experiences during his stint at his father’s shop. Hussain realized he had an entrepreneurial blood while he was still very young. Learn more about Hussein Sajwani:

Sajwani got a scholarship to study in U.S, and he left in the first wave to the University of Washington where he pursued a bachelor’s in Economics. While in college, Hussain Sajwani sold time-share apartments in the United Arab Emirates.

He used revenue acquired from this venture to finance Global Logistics Services, his catering outfit. This company is still operational under DAMAC. Hussain Sajwani family boasts of their father’s ability to make informed business choices. He lives in Dubai with his wife and four children. Good education and morals are what he deems most valuable assets for his children.

Sajwani’s Success in Varied Interests

Hussain Sajwani has also gone into other areas of business and flourished in them as well. Dico Investments with AED 3Billion in assets under management in the region was started in 1992. It specializes in four areas, which are inclusive of owning of subsidiaries in growth industries.

As a result of Hussain Sajwani’s business prowess, DAMAC Properties raked $2.3 Billion in revenue in 2015. He makes it a rule to keep off politics even while engaging in business with politicians like U.S president Donald Trump. He accredits his achievement to a combination of luck and vision.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro Tells About The Unique Features Of Life Line Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro has done his M.D. from the New York University School of Medicine. He was a University Scholar. He had also been elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha. He did his residency as well as the chief residency at New York University. He did this in general surgery. Currently, he is the Chief Medical Officer at the Life Line Screening, a post he holds today.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro decided about opening Life Line Screening as he witnessed several drastic cases while working as a cardiovascular surgeon. He had a busy practice where he came across cases like a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms. He realized that these could have been avoided in case the patient was aware of these asymptomatic diseases. Life Line Screening is providing an opportunity for doing exactly that. Such kind of preventative healthcare can easily save lives.

He believes in maintaining high quality all across his company. This is why he is personally overseeing various departments here. He also supervises the physicians who are board certified. He also looks into various research efforts.

The Life Line Screening has a highly talented team that is hard working. Dr. Andrew is excited about the awareness that is growing in the scientific community about the identification of asymptomatic disease when it is in its early stages. This is when medications along with lifestyle changes can help in averting the disease progression leading to a future catastrophe.

The doctors at Life Line Screening can help here in making these changes and monitoring the person. Dr. Andrew Manganaro believes that a number of diseases can be avoided in this simple way. People believe in what he is doing. This is why preventative healthcare is becoming popular among doctors, physicians, patients as well as their family members in order to keep diseases at bay.

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