End Citizens United Endorses Senator Warren

End Citizens United is an American PAC designed to approach the serious act of campaign finance reform. The de-regulation of campaign financing has fundamentally altered the United States political machine in a massive way, leaving it largely broken in all the ways that matter. Citizens United was a conservative group that approached the Supreme Court about opening up financial rules in order to allow more corporate donors, special interests, in big money politicians to buy their way into the political arena. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United in 2010 and now here we are, almost a decade later, still reeling.


End Citizens United was founded by PAC President Tiffany Muller in order to raise money to support legislators who are serious about repealing the Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United. The PAC has been more successful than other similar PACs who have risen up over the years in large part due to their ability to get people interested. This coincides with a rise in political action following the 2016 Presidential Election of Donald Trump to the White House. Tiffany Muller believes that the rise in donation activity to End Citizens United has been due in large part to the fact that people want to ‘fight back’ against Donald Trump and his destructive, anti-people political regime.


So far throughout the first quarter of the 2017 fundraising year the team at End Citizens United has garnered nearly 100,000 donations for a grand total of nearly $4 million. These are huge numbers but they are only the beginning. The goal of End Citizens United for this year is to raise $35 million in order to make a huge impact during the 2018 Congressional races. $35 million isn’t much compared to the billionaires running the Republican party, but it could be enough to make a difference in key races in Congress.


Muller used to be a deputy political director for Democrats in Senate so you know that she is bringing very real advice and verifiable techniques in order to make a difference. We saw first hand how End Citizens United helped to turn Jon Ossoff into a very real threat in Georgia, a notoriously deep red state. So there is hope going forward that End Citizens United can make a difference on a larger level. Ultimately it will come down to who they endorse and if they succeed.


For example, End Citizens United has gotten active in endorsing some of the top Democrats that support campaign finance reform — including Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren is a top Democrat who might one day have aspirations to become President of the United States. She has been vocally anti-Citizens United and that is the kind of powerful stance that End Citizens United looks for.


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