Drew Madden: Forget Facebook, The Real Story Is CVS And Amazon

There has been a massive drop in the stock value of Facebook in recent days. It has captured the attention of the financial media in a big way. Still, it is not the only story in the financial world that we ought to be paying attention to. In fact, Drew Madden believes that those who are not paying attention to a particular healthcare story are missing the bigger picture.

Drew Madden would think this given that he is an entrepreneur in the healthcare IT realm. He has long believed in working his way up the ladder of success as it were. He has made a name for himself by being a great leader in healthcare IT, and he has also figured out the right ways to earn a nice living doing what he has been doing. Thus, it is with great reverence that we listen to what he has to say about healthcare industry news.

He believes that the story of CVS and Amazon battling with one another is one of the most important in the financial world at this particular moment in time. He feels that a lot of people are missing out on this story for whatever reason, and he would like for people to regain their focus and try to pay attention to the bigger picture as it were of what is really happening out there. He just doesn’t want to see them fall away from paying attention to what is happening.

CVS has purchased Aetna in a defensive move as Amazon has applied to obtain licenses in a number of states that would allow them to sell pharmaceuticals in those states over the Internet. It is a battle for the ages as CVS does not care to have a new competitor in its market while Amazon believes that they can do just about anything better than what established companies can.

Right now is the time to watch this kind of battle unfold. As much as we might like to think that these things will not have that great of an impact on our own lives, the truth is that they will.

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