Dick DeVos Leaves His Fingerprints All Over Grand Rapids and Now the U.S Transportation Department

The work of the former Amway CEO Dick DeVos is apparent all across his hometown city. The name DeVos appears across many of the city’s major buildings. DeVos was involved with the planning of much of Grand Rapids, Michigan because of his vehement opposition to what was being discussed for plans of the city. DeVos also put into effect laws that would allow people to work in Michigan without having to be union members. This helped to increase the number of workers in Michigan.


Dick DeVos has recently been given the opportunity to influence more city planning outside of Grand Rapids. He was selected by the Transporation Secretary Elaine Chao as one of seven new transportation department members. He was chosen to be part of the Federal Aviation Administration panel to advise the transportation department. DeVos has extensive experience as a pilot and with airport transportation already. He was involved with improving the Gerald R. Ford Airport, so fares are cheaper and people passing through Michigan increased. CEO of the Gerald R. Ford airport Jill Gill stated that she believes based on the excellent work DeVos has done for the Gerald R. Ford airport that he will do fittingly as a member of the FAA panel.


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos are now both involved within President Trump’s administration. Dick DeVos’s wife is the education secretary in the Trump administration. The power couple will not only leave an impression in Grand Rapids. They are set to leave an impression across the nation. The couple has long been involved with politics. They have remained primarily only involved in politics within Michigan. The DeVos couple has made the Michigan GOP organization largely what it is today. Betsy DeVos has served as the chairperson of the Michigan GOP and a fundraiser. Dick DeVos has been a Michigan GOP candidate and a longtime campaign volunteer and donor to various GOP candidates. Being tapped as personnel of the Trump administration is the first that the couple has worked in major national political positions.


Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos will likely only continue to be highly involved in the politics of Michigan and the nation. In the years to come, the DeVos family will be remembered as another major political and city planning family in the country. They are proof that those who have a lot of power and wealth can influence the country to be a better place.


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