OSI Group Enhances Its Toledo, Spain Plant In Order To Meet The Demands Of Its Customers

OSI Group is an global food company that is headquartered in the United States. It has been offering customers high quality, customized food solutions for many years and has recently been expanding its operations in a big way. In Toledo, Spain, the company recently added a high-capacity production line to help increase the amount of chicken its local plant can process in a year. The move allows the plant to pump out 24,000 tons of chicken in a year compared to the 12,000 tons it was capable of before the expansion.

While the expansion of the Toledo plant has been great for the company’s bottom line, the move has also opened up many new jobs, which will help to bolster the local economy. In all, 20 new jobs have been added, and this means that the plant, which previously employed 140 people, will no be putting 160 people to work. One of the new positions is for a product development manager who will be overseeing the improvement of some of the company’s existing products and new products. One of the additions to the OSI Group plant will help with this, and that addition is a new test kitchen where chefs will work to create delicious food combinations.

OSI Group listens to customer base, and in recent years, their customers were telling them that they wanted more chicken products. In fact, most of Portugal and Spain have been requesting more chicken products. During the last three years, alone, the demand for chicken has increased by 8%. The company has also been working to improve sustainability and how it affects the environment of the communities it operates in. Some of the new improvements in the plant have helped it to conserve the amount of electricity it uses by 20%. The company also added a way to recycle the heat that its machines use in order to reuse it to heat up water, which is used during the night shift and for cleaning.

OSI Group has also recently acquired a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, which will help it to expand its activities in the United States and North America, at-large. The company’s president, David McDonald, and its CEO, Sheldon Lavin, have been leading the charge to expand. They are also both working hard on continuing to improve safety standards at OSI plants all over the world and have been doing so through the use of cutting edge technology.

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