Victoria Doramus: Gives Back By Supporting Animal Shelter

Victoria Doramus has had her share of successes, as well as obstacles. One of her life’s challenges was being able to overcome her addiction to drugs. She realized that giving back and helping others would help her on her own road to recovery. The consumer trends expert believes that animals need just as much help sometimes as people, which is a reason that she gives her support to the Best Friends Animal Society. The mission of this organization is to one day end the practice of killing unwanted animals in every animal shelter in the entire Unites States.

Best Friends Animal Society was started in the 1980’s. Back then there was less thought about putting down animals that had a difficult time being placed in a home. As many as 17 million animals were killed annually, beginning with the sick and old ones. Several individuals found it wrong that so many animals were being killed. They got together to find unwanted animals. They found a place to feed them and care for the animals until they were able to be placed in a loving home. Most of the animals that were taken in were fortunate enough to find a family. The rest of the animals were still cared and loved for the rest of their lives, even if they were sick or old. Victoria Doramus believes that even old and sick animals should be able to live out their lives with love and care, regardless of whether they end up being taken in by a family.

Best Friends Animal Society has made a lot of progress since they first started and they have saved the lives of many animals. Today they are able to help as many as 1,600 animals at a time with the food, medical care, shelter, and the love they all need. Recovery expert Victoria Doramus feels that animals and humans both need someone to care for them in order to have a complete life. Best Friends Animal Society contacts animal shelters all over the country and seeks the help of support groups in order to hold events meant to find as many animals a home as possible.

Robert Ivy Wants AIA Members To Be Fully Aware Of Membership Benefits

For as many architects as there are in the United States, each one represents a reason to join the American Institute of Architects. Each member has numerous personal reasons for joining. The main reason is to access the benefits of belonging to a major, professional organization that now totals more than 85,000 colleagues.

The AIA, under the leadership of Robert Ivy, offers valuable resources for those architects looking to grow their careers and practices. The AIA is an organization where numerous voices can advocate for its members. For architects, membership in the AIA is essential for personal and professional growth.

As an architect, Robert Ivy stresses that AIA membership means that a person has all the expected licenses and registrations. These architects commit to creating sustainable design while protecting the environment. The AIA designation is among the highest industry affiliation of its kind in the world. Membership exposes people to professionals, partners, lectures, knowledge, and critical information. There are benefits of joining any professional organization that also applies to the AIA.

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Professional organizations can open up doors to jobs and partnerships. Conferences are important because this is where attendees can learn about new practices and gain insightful information about their profession. New relationships can form as well. Professional organizations can also clarify industry standards and provide information about available certifications and best practices.

AIA members are constantly reminded about their industry’s code of ethics. This helps architects to understand what the industry expects of them. Members, through the AIA, can also stay abreast of policies and make professional adjustments or prepare for change.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA. The work of Robert Ivy and the AIA has been instrumental in helping the organization become better known around the world. His goal is to help make sure the present, and next, generation of architects fully understand the importance of sustainable design and working with every relevant aspect of the building industry.

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Rocketship Education Supports the Needy Students

Rocketship education was founded in the year 2006. John Danner and Preston Smith were the initiators of the school. The company is a network of public charter school aimed at no profit but facilitating better education to students. The school helps the less fortunate communities to access education.

Rocketship education focuses on abolishing the gap between the high cost of tuition and low-income earners. Through creating accessible education, the program aims at shaping students to become prosperous members of a given society.

After a variety of interviews held, Rocketship education proved to be an integral figure in the education sector. It focuses mostly on four essential objectives: classroom management, technology use, discipline, and intervention.

Being disciplined has enabled teachers at Rocketship to hold a formal boundary with the students. The relationship has led to a friendly interaction among the parties. Besides, this form of education has enhanced building on culture apart from the creation of school rules and regulations.

Teachers interaction with students at Rocketship education is enhanced perfectly in a period of one to two years. The form of teaching in these institutions involves the preparation of teaching programs, which are highly designed to assist in managing the classrooms.

The use of data by teachers has benefited the needy students. This is because the teachers get the required information, which is tailored for each student. The ‘lab rotation model’ enables students to spend time in the laboratory making them aware of technology. Instructors get the mandate to control the content accessible to students. Additionally, the model equips students with skills needed in the day to day activities and gives their tutors free time to focus on other students with low learning capacity.

Rocketship education’s mandate is to foster student and teacher relationship at school. Therefore, the schools have employed qualified staff who have the capability of identifying the needs of every child.