EOS Lip Balm: A Sensation

EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth” and that describes pretty well their journey over the past ten years. EOS’s founders, Jonathan Teller and Sajiv Mehra, found and filled a hole in the market. By developing a new, fresh lip balm product marketed towards women, EOS created an international sensation. No wonder; in-depth research and careful design led to a fun-looking, convenient product that provides a luxurious experience.

The round shape and colorful design catch the eye and make EOS lip balm one of a kind. It is infused with appealing flavors and made of organic ingredients. It wasn’t only the beauty of the product that made it a bestseller; careful marketing went into making EOS lip balm a skyrocketing success.

EOS lip balm has taken advertising to the next level by having their products featured in celebrity music videos and creating collectible lip balms. EOS has successfully connected with women of all ages all around the world through a skillful use of social media.

Since becoming a household name, EOS has expanded into other high-quality skin care products that have been just as sought after and just as smooth as their appealing lip balms. Other products include innovative shaving creams and hydrating masks.

All these factors and many more have made EOS lip balm a sensation.

OSI Industries Succeeds in food processing

Many companies providing their products now dominate the food industry. That is why when you go to a supermarket to buy a product you will find there are many products from different companies. You need to be careful about the origin of the product and know whether it is a product of high quality. One of the best companies that pride itself on providing the best and quality products is OSI Industries. They have been in the market for decades, and they have gathered the skills and knowledge needed to serve its customers. They have been doing a profitable business, and many customers have loved the kind of services they provide.

There are many institutions when it comes to the provision of food services but the best known today is OSI Industries that has acquired a lot of respect from competitors. It has been having some of the best products on the market for many years. Customers have been getting and enjoying quality products. The company has already earned respect from the international market because of the products and services it provides. With its offices based in Illinois, the company has managed to cover the global market. The impacts of its operations are now felt around the world because of the establishment of plants in various countries of the world.

It is specialized in a broad production of food products, and most of them are proteins that are packaged and sold in various supermarkets and restaurants in the world. OSI Industries is a company that is owned privately, but it has achieved great success. The best part is that the company is led by one of the most successful leaders in the food industry. Sheldon Lavin has been in the financial industry and the food industry for many years. He combines two excellent industries, and that is why he has been successful in the management of the company. Since he joined the company, he has been offering great insights and has led the company to expand into many parts of the world. With proper leadership, OSI Industries will continue to achieve success in its endeavors.

Member of Banyan Hill Publishing Paul Mampilly

Recently, Eric Dye interviewed Paul Mampilly in his podcast. Paul attained his master’s degree in 1991 from Fordham University. Immediately after graduating, Paul joined the financial sector where he gained more experience and knowledge about the field. The expertise that Paul gained helped him to work in an environment with more challenges, Deutsche Bank. Paul performed his duties perfectly hence, creating a good resume for himself. The excellent resume encouraged Kinetics Asset Management to employ him to be the manager of its hedge fund. While working as the manager of the hedge fund, the resources of the hedge fund improved to $25 billion. Barron named the hedge fund as the best hedge fund in the world.

Paul Mampilly has more interest in seeing rich people becoming more successful in the future. In addition to this, he is concerned about assisting the standard Americans to become successful too. This interest prompted Paul to leave his job at Wall Street and focus more on his entrepreneur businesses. Currently, Paul Mampilly serves at Banyan Hill Publishing as a member. Mampilly already has 90,000 subscribers to his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. During the interview, Mampilly said that he is more knowledgeable about Wall Street compared to any investor in U.S. Paul backed this statement by saying that he has had the experience of managing a trading desk, controlled money, worked as an analyst, the knowledge that no investor has.

In a post published on Banyan Hill Publishing on July 5, Paul Mampilly shared some pieces of advice about future investments. According to Paul, his kids have been aware of the financial markets right from the tender age because he has taken his time to teach them. He argues that future investments can be risky. This is because some current innovations may not be there in the future. Moreover, he claims that better technologies in the future will replace some present techniques.

Paul goes ahead to say that there are other technologies worthy investing that are likely to be successful in the future. ‘Internet of things’ is one of those technologies that will still be available in the future. ‘Internet of things’ includes technology-associated strategies that have cameras, sensors and other technologies that bring together and deliver data.

About Paul Mampilly: banyanhill.com/expert/paul-mampilly/

Staying Healthy with Jeunesse Supplements

Jeunesse is a global leader in enhancing youth and fighting off aging and decay with healthy solutions. The skin care products and supplements offered by Jeunesse are transforming the way that people embrace aging and taking control of their health. One of the most popular lines of supplements from Jeunesse is AM & PM Essentials, which provide a unique balance of vitamins and minerals to optimize your daily functions.


AM & PM Essentials from Jeunesse are dietary supplements that help to stave off the effects of aging and allow you to live a more energized lifestyle. This powerful supplement combination gives you the best of both a regulated sleep cycle and sustained energy throughout the day. Customers have experienced improved focus and mental clarity in both their professional and personal lives. People of all ages have tried AM & PM Essentials from Jeunesse and are raving about the benefits that they experience over time. One of the most important things to remember about diving into a new routine with supplements is that you should take them consistently and in conjunction with other healthy habits, such as diet and nutrition, in order to see the best results.


The central mission of Jeunesse is to help people around the globe to embrace healthy living through specially developed products that complement a healthy lifestyle. All of the products sold by Jeunesse are manufactured in the U.S., although they are sold and distributed around the world. The founders of Jeunesse set out to revolutionize the health and beauty industries by providing their customers the tools to take control of their health. Instead of viewing aging as an inevitable and depressing part of life, Jeunesse encourages its customers to embrace proactive ways to look and feel as young as possible.


One of the reasons why Jeunesse products are so popular around the world is that they can all be used in tandem to help customers achieve their healthiest habits. Their supplements, skin care line and other beauty products were designed to be part of a comprehensive health and beauty routine for a wide range of customers.



How Dr. Saad Saad Innovated the World of Medical Devices

Doctors are skilled for their abilities to save a life. However, it is the rare physician that can save thousands of lives through his innovation. One of those doctors is creating a legacy of saving lives through his own personal care and his incredible medical breakthroughs. That physician, Dr. Saad Saad, is making it easier for other doctors to treat their patients.

Dr. Saad Saad is a Pediatric Surgeon based in New Jersey. For decades, Dr. Saad Saad has helped thousands of patients including members of the Saudi Royal family. During his practice, Dr. Saad Saad has been able to find better ways to treat his patients through his own medical creations. Several of these creations have received a patent from the United States Patent Office.

In a recent article, a couple of Dr. Saad Saad’s were described in detail. One of the biggest medical innovations of Dr. Saad Saad was his creation of the Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device(Patent Number 5,727,553).

A catheter is a medical tube that can serve a number of functions. Some uses of a catheter include allowing access for surgical equipment and draining fluid or gases. In order for a physician to properly use a catheter, the doctor must be able to track the position of the device. This is usually done with X-rays, which can be particularly harmful for some patients.

Dr. Saad Saad’s catheter location device allows a catheter to be detected using electromagnetic energy. This device works much like a medical detector. Thus, the patient does not have to be subjected to X-rays. Best of all, the small size of the device allows doctors to use Dr. Saad Saad’s creation in an ICU or any other examination room. While this catheter finder is not yet in wide use, the device has been able to save some patients from potentially harmful X-ray examinations.

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine in 1946. After graduating from the University of Cairo with a medical degree, Dr. Saad Saad embarked to England for his internship and then found his way to the United States. For the next several decades, Dr. Saad Saad has treated thousands of young patients through his pediatric surgery practice. Today, Dr. Saad Saad is considered one of the brightest minds and biggest innovators in the Pediatric medical world.

Learn more : https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

Personable and Unparalleled: Dr. Rod Rohrich

When seeking cosmetic surgical modifications, patients deserve the best possible restoration to their youthfulness and definition of their face or body. Internationally renowned and serving as Dallas, Texas’ best plastic surgeon, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. has offered his talents to his global and local communities through various forms, such as performing and teaching plastic surgery in Third World nations for deformed children, as well as becoming a founding Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, respectively. Dr. Rohrich has received many awards for his efforts and has served many positions in various plastic surgeon societies.

In his private practice, Dr. Rohrich presents “the best care through discovery and innovation,” offering services to patients in the Dallas area including procedures for the face and neck, such as face lifts and rhinoplasty, breast surgeries and augmentations, body contouring and lifts, and more. In personalized consultations, he wants to understand the patient’s expectations and present the most appropriate techniques to achieve the best possible outcome. For him, the “ideal cosmetic surgery patient is someone who wants to look as good as they feel” through the physical and mental adjustment of a daily lifestyle and wellness. His techniques return a fullness to the body that has been lost through aging by enhancing the size, shape, and symmetry to balance bodily proportions.

Dr. Rod J Rohrich has received many reviews from his patients, including, “Dr. Rohrich is a top leader in the entire field of plastic surgery which made me feel very comfortable, as I knew I was going with someone with years of experience in surgery and in educating many other top surgeons… He is not only knowledgeable but also personable. His work is so natural and subtle… That is the type of work I aspire to have.”

Drew Madden: Forget Facebook, The Real Story Is CVS And Amazon

There has been a massive drop in the stock value of Facebook in recent days. It has captured the attention of the financial media in a big way. Still, it is not the only story in the financial world that we ought to be paying attention to. In fact, Drew Madden believes that those who are not paying attention to a particular healthcare story are missing the bigger picture.

Drew Madden would think this given that he is an entrepreneur in the healthcare IT realm. He has long believed in working his way up the ladder of success as it were. He has made a name for himself by being a great leader in healthcare IT, and he has also figured out the right ways to earn a nice living doing what he has been doing. Thus, it is with great reverence that we listen to what he has to say about healthcare industry news.

He believes that the story of CVS and Amazon battling with one another is one of the most important in the financial world at this particular moment in time. He feels that a lot of people are missing out on this story for whatever reason, and he would like for people to regain their focus and try to pay attention to the bigger picture as it were of what is really happening out there. He just doesn’t want to see them fall away from paying attention to what is happening.

CVS has purchased Aetna in a defensive move as Amazon has applied to obtain licenses in a number of states that would allow them to sell pharmaceuticals in those states over the Internet. It is a battle for the ages as CVS does not care to have a new competitor in its market while Amazon believes that they can do just about anything better than what established companies can.

Right now is the time to watch this kind of battle unfold. As much as we might like to think that these things will not have that great of an impact on our own lives, the truth is that they will.

Graeme Holm’s Provides a Solution to Australian Families Financial Security

In 2013, Graeme Holm started Infinity Group Australia with his partner. He has more than 17 years experience in the financial and loan market. During his career, Holm’s realized that there was a problem, consumers were struggling to pay off loan debt. This left Australian families stressed out and financially insecure.


A Day In Life For Graeme Holm


Having a positive attitude and being productive keeps Holm’s grounded. His personal and business life are very organized. Each day begins with exercise for the body and mind. His approach to getting things done is simple, yet effective. Holm’s breaks down his day-to-day schedule into 30 minute segments.


He attacks the most difficult task first. This builds his confidence. And Holm’s ends his day with a plan for the next day.


An Idea To Eradicate a Serious Problem


According to Holm’s, if families living on limited incomes had guidance and help then the problem with paying off a 30-year loan, for example, would be done away with. His frustration with the current system led him to brainstorm ideas on how to make a change.


He came up with a brilliant idea, teach loan recipients how to manage their money by providing a financial coach. Holm’s aligned this concept with that of people who want to get fit. You can go at it alone, but with a personal trainer the results are far greater. Infinity Group Australia has proven this to be a life-changing solution.


Consumers who follow a budget, put money into a special loan account and resist the urge to spend on things they do not need have successfully paid off debt in less time. Having a coach to guide and teach borrowers has had a positive impact on Australian families.


By reducing the daily interest and learning the discipline to budget clients relieve stress. This has a domino effect on all members of a family.


Holm’s ability to empathize led to his idea of offering a supportive system. Infinity Group Australia’s approach to supporting clients and helping families change their financial circumstances from stress to success and security is sure to change many more lives in the future. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/graeme-holm

A Brief Summary of Foodservice Giant OSI Industries

When it comes to performance in the foodservice industry, few companies can outperform OSI Industries. The American-based food provider is heads and shoulders above the competition, but it wasn’t always this way. OSI Industries started from humble beginnings. In 1909, Otto Kolschowski opened the business as a butcher shop. This local butcher shop served its purpose very well thanks to its high-quality meats. OSI actually helped to build the McDonald’s brand to some degree because it was one of the hamburger chain’s four suppliers of beef. Ray Kroc, former-CEO of McDonald’s, made a deal with Arthur and Harry Kolschowski during the 1950s. This deal has paid off in huge dividends.

Flash freezing has also played a great role in the development of the company. The technical term of flash freezing is cryogenics, and these services made it possible to distribute meats to locations that were much farther away. Factories, factories and more factories. OSI Industries is the epitome of the word factory. This dynamic company has factories in numerous countries such as:

• The Netherlands

• Japan

• The United Kingdom

• Poland

• Brazil

• Germany

• Ukraine

• Canada

• Hungary

• And more

By adding joint ventures into the mix with expansions, this company has been able to rewrite the books. Every one of the company’s production facilities has a team of R&D specialists on deck. Concept-to-table solutions, custom-food solutions and consumer-driven products are being produced here on a consistent basis. Better cost reduction on products has helped the company save large amounts of capital on the backend. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more productive food provider than this. OSI Industries has certainly changed the food service industry for the better and that fact can’t be disputed by anyone.

For details: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

How The Chainsmokers make a Hit

The dynamic DJ production duo, The Chainsmokers formed in 2012 and had their debut and breakthrough performance in the years of 2013 and 2014. With 12 songs hitting Billboard charts including 5 in the top 10 hits of Billboard’s ‘hot 100’ and one in the number one spot on the ‘Hot 100′ list. The number one song ‘Closer’ featuring singer Halsey held the number one spot for 12 weeks. Just recently at the beginning of 2018, The Chainsmokers had a big breakthrough topping Billboard’s new ‘Dance 100 List’ as the number one dance artists of 2018. They’ve dropped singles like ‘Sick Boy’, ‘Everybody Hates Me’ and more this year.

Recently, The Chainsmokers released yet another single titled ‘Somebody’ which features musician Drew Love. Along with this hit they gave their fans an inside scoop on how this song was produced. They mostly use modular synth work and vocal samples that have been pitched up. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall posted a video on Facebook showing their fans what seems to be a fun production process put into making the song. The song actually takes a vocal snippet from another recording for a song and uses it in this one. The lyrics go “you know, just know what I like” and in the recording, as you watch you can hear the changes that are made and how it gets incorporated into the song. There are also several different sounds and tunes using the keyboard and piano to create the song. The Chainsmokers have promised a more thorough and in-depth tutorial on how the song was made in the future.

The making of the music video was also proven to be very interesting. It is a live illustration of both Drew Taggart and Alex Pall in different eras of history. The process of creating this song and the music video to go with it was extremely intriguing and creative. It is always cool to look into the processes of such wonderful artist and get a taste of what goes on behind the scenes.