Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Business with Integrity spoke with Richard Liu Qiangdong about the work that he is doing with Richard Liu is the original founder of Jingdong Mall which is the company that burst in 2005 as an online retail company. 2005 was an important year for Jingdong Mall because it signaled a change in the way that they did things. In fact, early Jingdong Mall was totally devoted to technology and the new started dipping their toe into other aspects of the retail market. This would prove to be a very good choice for CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong as the company began to grow exponentially.

One of the reasons for the significant growth is that people were searching for a company that would offer them the security that was willing to give them. Instead of looking for customers that they could easily take advantage of with subpar goods, took the opposite route and began offering better products at reasonable prices. received a lot of information from Richard Liu about why this is important to him. He wanted the company to maintain a lot of integrity in the online community and possibly set new rules for this type of business practice. He knew that the only way to draw in customers was to make them feel safe in their purchases with your company.

He is hoping to bring this brand of honesty to his next venture with as a global entity. Global markets are very difficult to predict but has done well in the Chinese community. In fact, is now revered as the number one retailer for this population. While they have done well in China, it is quite a step to say that they will do well at the global table. CEO Richard Liu will be tasked with trying to find a way to help translate the standard of business that has in the Chinese economy to the Western ideals. Richard Liu Qiangdong is a very smart and savvy businessman but his success in the global market will rely on his ability to adapt as much as his ability to maintain an honest business.

Robert Ivy Wants AIA Members To Be Fully Aware Of Membership Benefits

For as many architects as there are in the United States, each one represents a reason to join the American Institute of Architects. Each member has numerous personal reasons for joining. The main reason is to access the benefits of belonging to a major, professional organization that now totals more than 85,000 colleagues.

The AIA, under the leadership of Robert Ivy, offers valuable resources for those architects looking to grow their careers and practices. The AIA is an organization where numerous voices can advocate for its members. For architects, membership in the AIA is essential for personal and professional growth.

As an architect, Robert Ivy stresses that AIA membership means that a person has all the expected licenses and registrations. These architects commit to creating sustainable design while protecting the environment. The AIA designation is among the highest industry affiliation of its kind in the world. Membership exposes people to professionals, partners, lectures, knowledge, and critical information. There are benefits of joining any professional organization that also applies to the AIA.

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Professional organizations can open up doors to jobs and partnerships. Conferences are important because this is where attendees can learn about new practices and gain insightful information about their profession. New relationships can form as well. Professional organizations can also clarify industry standards and provide information about available certifications and best practices.

AIA members are constantly reminded about their industry’s code of ethics. This helps architects to understand what the industry expects of them. Members, through the AIA, can also stay abreast of policies and make professional adjustments or prepare for change.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA. The work of Robert Ivy and the AIA has been instrumental in helping the organization become better known around the world. His goal is to help make sure the present, and next, generation of architects fully understand the importance of sustainable design and working with every relevant aspect of the building industry.

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