Talkspace: Stress and Therapy

If you’re hurting and need to talk to someone it’s critical that you can connect and being able to share your immediate concerns no matter where you are. Mental health has become a growing concern in this country as we read the news and watch tragedy after tragedy. Many are beginning to reach out to a mental health professionals seeking help with unraveling lives or problem they can’t seem to shake.

In 2015 the American psychological association study revealed a report that showed 24% of Americans live with extreme stress. Two years later that same report unveiled 63% consistently worried about the country’s future, 62% stressed over money and 61% thought about employment. Hungarian Endocrinologist Hans Selye defines stress as the body’s response to a demand that causes an unpleasant stimuli. Once stress occurs in our body it releases what is called a “stress hormone” made up of cortisol, dopamine and adrenaline. The results can be high blood pressure, increase heart rate and over activity in our nervous system.

If you find yourself consistently stress this can ultimately damage your health. Statistics show that at least 77% of people have stress-related problems while 73% are afflicted with psychological problems. Stress symptoms often entail fatigue, high blood pressure, insomnia, change of appetite, depression, irritability, withdrawal and an increase of heart rate.

A New York based company called Talkspace has create an online app that can relieve your stress with the help of an online therapist. The app cost upwards of $128 a month. You are matched with a qualified and professional therapist you can connect to via text messages. If you need to send documents, video or audio clips, that’s allowed as well. The great thing is that Talkspace is available at your fingertips 24/7 with at least a day off per week.