Rocketship Education Supports the Needy Students

Rocketship education was founded in the year 2006. John Danner and Preston Smith were the initiators of the school. The company is a network of public charter school aimed at no profit but facilitating better education to students. The school helps the less fortunate communities to access education.

Rocketship education focuses on abolishing the gap between the high cost of tuition and low-income earners. Through creating accessible education, the program aims at shaping students to become prosperous members of a given society.

After a variety of interviews held, Rocketship education proved to be an integral figure in the education sector. It focuses mostly on four essential objectives: classroom management, technology use, discipline, and intervention.

Being disciplined has enabled teachers at Rocketship to hold a formal boundary with the students. The relationship has led to a friendly interaction among the parties. Besides, this form of education has enhanced building on culture apart from the creation of school rules and regulations.

Teachers interaction with students at Rocketship education is enhanced perfectly in a period of one to two years. The form of teaching in these institutions involves the preparation of teaching programs, which are highly designed to assist in managing the classrooms.

The use of data by teachers has benefited the needy students. This is because the teachers get the required information, which is tailored for each student. The ‘lab rotation model’ enables students to spend time in the laboratory making them aware of technology. Instructors get the mandate to control the content accessible to students. Additionally, the model equips students with skills needed in the day to day activities and gives their tutors free time to focus on other students with low learning capacity.

Rocketship education’s mandate is to foster student and teacher relationship at school. Therefore, the schools have employed qualified staff who have the capability of identifying the needs of every child.