Jeremy Goldstein Uses Innovation for Executive Benefits

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney. He knows a lot about how he can help people and has always tried to remain a positive part of the community he works in. Since Jeremy Goldstein knows so much about the things that people are doing, he wants to give them all the opportunities they need to be successful. In fact, Jeremy Goldstein knows there are ways he can make things work for people and for those who are doing their best with different opportunities they can rely on. Learn more:


As long as Jeremy Goldstein is doing what he can to help people, he feels the job he has in front of him is important. The executives he works with are the best at their jobs and he feels he can give them all the right opportunities they need to be successful and try to work on different things. For Jeremy Goldstein, this means he has to make sure he is doing his best and is giving them all the options that will allow them to try to work through the opportunities they have. Jeremy Goldstein knows his way around the benefits, stock options and, now knockout options so he can give attention to those who want to make the most out of the careers they have.


Without benefits, most people don’t realize their jobs would not be what they are today. In fact, benefits are a necessary part of the process and are something that most people would be able to rely on if they were working toward a brighter future. Jeremy Goldstein knew this and also knew that providing knockout options would give executives a chance to see they are an integral part of the office outlook even if they are the ones who are in charge of it. Jeremy Goldstein wants them to realize how they can make a difference in the world around them.


For Jeremy Goldstein, this means he has to make sure he is doing things the right way no matter what issues he is facing or what issues other executives are facing. Jeremy Goldstein has always tried to give the community what they are looking for so there are no worries with the issues they are facing. Jeremy Goldstein likes everyone to know how they can make things better and how they can give back to themselves when they are so used to giving back to the companies they are a part of.

The Power Behind the System in Securus Technologies

When the local prison was meeting with Securus Technologies, little did any of the local officers realize at the time how instrumental this change would be. Trying to solve crimes in a crowded metropolis is hard enough, and with more inmates getting shorter sentences because of overcrowded conditions, me and my team of fugitive hunters were seeing a rise in activity too.


Securus Technologies has developed a monitoring system used in over 2,488 jails around the country for being able to listen more intently to when inmates are on the jail phones. Instead of a group of officers having to sit in a call center and listen carefully to those conversations, now the LBS software does all the work more thoroughly. CEO Richard Smith of Securus Technologies, says his system has given officers the ability to get ahead of potential trouble instead of always having to react and let the bad guys get that crucial upper hand.


This was the case when a recent crime spree had my team all scratching our heads as to who and how were these individuals able to get away with the crimes and never leave any evidence for officers to find. It wasn’t until one of their own was arrested on some unrelated charge that we got to see how powerful the Securus Technologies system really is.


The inmate was one the phone speaking to friends and mentioned something about those crimes that triggered the LBS software to alert my team. The inmate gave details only those involved would know, and his call lead us to a safe house where stolen goods were housed as well as the rest of the gang committing those crimes. Thanks to the alert, we took a half-dozen dangerous criminals off the street and returned the stolen property to the rightful owners.


Talk Fusion: The Hits Keep on Coming

With Talk Fusion, the hits keep on coming and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. That is a good thing for the company and it is a good thing for the people that use Talk Fusion. After all, they want to know they are using a product that is never satisfied and always willing to turn it up a notch. That is Talk Fusion. They are the company that is ready, willing, and able to turn things around for someone that is in a bad position in their life because of their job. After all, there is nothing worse than working at a job that someone truly hates. It sucks the life out of them and when they come home, they can oftentimes be grumpy and rude to their families.


They don’t mean to take it out on them, but they are stressed and they can’t express how they feel at work. They have to keep their head down and keep making money. Their boss has threatened them and they don’t feel safe anymore at their job. They feel like they have no way out, frankly. Talk Fusion is the way out with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. It allows someone to grab the bull by the horns and take control of their life.


Talk Fusion is a two-time award winner from the year 2016. They won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( They are considered a media giant in their field and it is easy to see why this award matters so much to Talk Fusion and why it carries a lot of weight with it. They don’t give awards out here and there to any company.


They have seen all of the wonderful advancements with Talk Fusion, and they are impressed by what they have done as a company. They see a company that is headed in the right direction with a great leader at the helm in Bob Reina and a great team of men and women working hard for the good people out there.


Securus Technologies Giving Prison Guards the Upper Hand

If you wanted to guess what was the most dangerous job in the country, hands down I would tell you that it has to be prison guards. The jail that I work has more violent gang members than all the other California prisons combined. These inmates have little regard for authority and for each other, so hurting anyone in their way has become a way of life for most of them. Me and my fellow officers work hard every day to maintain peace and keep everyone safe.


In the past we made use of a few techniques that would curb prison crime, and they took a huge group efforts. For one, we search each inmate and guest before they can interact in the visitor center. We do cell inspections daily, looking for anything the inmates can use to get the upper hand on use officers or one another. We even used to listen to the inmates on then phone to see if they were discussing drugs, weapons, or other contraband.


This year things got easier for us in one respect. Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system in our facility that would do the work of many officers and pay very close attention to what the inmates were discussing when they made their calls. The LBS software is the key, able to monitor all their calls and instantly recognize potential trouble and alert us on the spot.


Securus Technologies is based in the state of Texas, has a thousand loyal employees, and they work towards an objective of keeping this planet safe. This year we have been able to stop more violent outbreaks just by getting the jump on fights, hidden weapons, and drug usage. If the system can identify contraband, we now have the ability to take swift action and eliminate any potential problem.


Dick DeVos One of the Most Popular Businessmen and Philanthropists in the United States

One of the greatest philanthropists in the United States today is Dick DeVos, who along with his wife, Betsy DeVos, also runs a family foundation named Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. The primary aim of the organization is to provide proper education to the under privileged students. Other than the education and providing scholarships for meritorious students, Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation also offer support and donations for health care, medical supplies, food, shelter, jobs, and other areas. As per the report, Dick and Betsy DeVos have collectively donated more than $139 million in their lifetime, and it is a figure that is growing at a rapid pace to date.


Dick DeVos, son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation, Richard DeVos, has had a tremendous record as a businessman as well. He studied business administration at the Northwood University and later attended Wharton School of Business and Harvard University for his master and diploma courses in business administration. After completing his studies, Dick DeVos joined the family business, Amway Corporation, in 1974. Over the years, Dick DeVos worked at various positions in different departments of the company, ranging from marketing to R&D, and from sales to finance, to understand the company’s business model and work culture. It also helped him gain the considerable exposure and experience in the firm.


Around ten years after he joined the Amway Corporations, Dick DeVos was promoted to the position of one of the company’s Vice President in 1984. He was given the job to manage the operations of Amway Corporations in a total of 18 countries. Thanks to his sharp business skills and foresightedness, he managed to enter many new overseas markets and multiply the sales of the company manifolds to take it to a whole new level altogether. The company managed to exceed foreign sales to domestic sales for the first time in its history. By the time Dick DeVos left the company, the international sales of Amway Corporation had rosed to over fifty percent of its turnover from just 5 per cent when Dick DeVos had joined.


Dick DeVos started his own private company soon after resigning from Amway Corporation by the name of Windquest Group. The company primarily functioned as an investment management firm and has holdings in diverse sectors, including in technology, biotechnology, manufacturing, and more. The company has been growing substantially under the leadership of Dick DeVos and has been focusing primarily on the energy sector, which has been witnessing rapid growth in recent years.


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End Citizens United Endorses Senator Warren

End Citizens United is an American PAC designed to approach the serious act of campaign finance reform. The de-regulation of campaign financing has fundamentally altered the United States political machine in a massive way, leaving it largely broken in all the ways that matter. Citizens United was a conservative group that approached the Supreme Court about opening up financial rules in order to allow more corporate donors, special interests, in big money politicians to buy their way into the political arena. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United in 2010 and now here we are, almost a decade later, still reeling.


End Citizens United was founded by PAC President Tiffany Muller in order to raise money to support legislators who are serious about repealing the Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United. The PAC has been more successful than other similar PACs who have risen up over the years in large part due to their ability to get people interested. This coincides with a rise in political action following the 2016 Presidential Election of Donald Trump to the White House. Tiffany Muller believes that the rise in donation activity to End Citizens United has been due in large part to the fact that people want to ‘fight back’ against Donald Trump and his destructive, anti-people political regime.


So far throughout the first quarter of the 2017 fundraising year the team at End Citizens United has garnered nearly 100,000 donations for a grand total of nearly $4 million. These are huge numbers but they are only the beginning. The goal of End Citizens United for this year is to raise $35 million in order to make a huge impact during the 2018 Congressional races. $35 million isn’t much compared to the billionaires running the Republican party, but it could be enough to make a difference in key races in Congress.


Muller used to be a deputy political director for Democrats in Senate so you know that she is bringing very real advice and verifiable techniques in order to make a difference. We saw first hand how End Citizens United helped to turn Jon Ossoff into a very real threat in Georgia, a notoriously deep red state. So there is hope going forward that End Citizens United can make a difference on a larger level. Ultimately it will come down to who they endorse and if they succeed.


For example, End Citizens United has gotten active in endorsing some of the top Democrats that support campaign finance reform — including Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren is a top Democrat who might one day have aspirations to become President of the United States. She has been vocally anti-Citizens United and that is the kind of powerful stance that End Citizens United looks for.


The Uniqueness of Fabletics

Fabletics is a fast growing company that has been taking the fashion as well as the athletic gear industry by a storm due to the innovative ideas to not only incorporate the best quality fabrics that are tailored to the preference of the user, but also due to the unique business model to take away the stress of shopping for the consumer. Fabletics has created a unique shopping experience that only involves going to the Fabletics website and taking a quiz to find a unique outfit that is perfectly tailored to the preference of each individual. In addition to this experience, Fabletics is able to make the right choice for the consumer without having to break the bank in the process.


Fabletics is a company that was founded by Kate Hudson, a working mom as well as an actress and a model who found that there was a large gap in the options available to women within the industry of athletic gear. Kate Hudson chose to design Fabletics due to the fact that she not only wanted to make a product that made life easier for moms around the world, but she also wanted to make a product that she would use.


As a working mother, Kate Hudson understands what it is like to be on the go even at early hours in the morning. Kate Hudson also understands that it can often be hard to look your best even when you are the most tired. As a result, Kate Hudson has marketed Fabletics as a solution for women that want to feel and look great while also feeling comfortable. Fabletics can be worn for any occasion and is seen as a dependable option for women of any shape and size all over the world. With only a few years under its belt, Fabletics is continuing to grow at an exponential rate.


What makes Fabletics such a great experience that is tied together with a great product is the care as well as the detail that is put into the website that is designed for customer satisfaction. All one has to do is visit the website and they are asked to take a quiz. This quiz makes the shopping experience more enjoyable because the quiz ends with tailored clothes that are the best for the style preference as well as the activity preference that the customer has chosen for the clothes.

Marc Sparks – Wow

Marc’s passion has always been to build companies stemming from concepts that others think cannot be explored. He maintains numerous portfolio companies within his private equity firm – Timber Creek Capital, LP. Taking any initial idea, he seeks to establish not only business models but company cultures as he develops short-term goals with long-range growth plans. He manages by example, setting patterns for the team to follow. His door is always open; employees meet in “real time”. Everyone calls his instant access Sparks Speed. He figures: By the time he spends setting up a meeting in reserve conference rooms, he could easily resolve a challenge instead.Learn more :


Marc’s book, “They Can’t Eat You,” was a pain for him to write. Within its pages, he shares absolutely everything — warts and all. He feels as if anyone reading the book may learn more from his unsuccessful ventures than from the later successes. It’s easy for him to say, “Look at me: I began my own software company and sold more than $200 million in products annually”. Yet he humbly states that he is always learning, and that he is – at the end of the day – another human being; such humility dominates his life.


His colleagues convinced him to write his current book, and he wants his written experiences to bless others in turn as he has been blessed with so much in the last 30 years. His book is made for entrepreneurs who lose hope and cannot get across the finish line with their dreams. People often ask Sparks two questions: “Are you not afraid to lose?” and “How do you do this?”Learn more :


He humbly replies by stating that the poorest he can ever remember being was when he had to purchase groceries from a gas station using his Texaco credit card. He remembers that, even when he was poor, he was still excited about his life and the journey to come. Call it ignorance or a gift from God: Sparks is simply not afraid to lose it all.


Do not misunderstand his main point: He loves to win but knows that he cannot win them all. This is life we’re talking about, after all. He has never said that he wanted to become a millionaire. Being rich – to him – implies having good health, enjoying a healthy family, spending quality time with friends, building successful business ventures from scratch, working with multiple excited staff members at once and having countless satisfied customers. Now that’s a great day. Sparks believes that God gave him a unique shut-off valve for eliminating fear; he has such minimal fear that he sometimes wonders whether there’s something wrong with him.Learn more :

Hussain Sajwani: An Innate entrepreneur

“You would make millions not billions in catering.” Hussain Sajwani responded with the above quip when asked about his unconventional move from catering to real estate. The founder and CEO of the tremendously successful DAMAC Properties is well known for his beautiful business mind. Entrepreneurship runs through his veins.

Hussain’s Journey to Where he is Now

Born in the early 1950s to a middle-class family of five children, Hussain Sajwani worked in the family company from a tender age. He admits having learned a lot from his father. DAMAC owner also confirms of being inspired by his father’s hard work, skill, and ambition. Sajwani’s dad wanted him to forego education and work in the family business being the eldest, but he was reluctant as he was good in school and he had had some harsh experiences during his stint at his father’s shop. Hussain realized he had an entrepreneurial blood while he was still very young. Learn more about Hussein Sajwani:

Sajwani got a scholarship to study in U.S, and he left in the first wave to the University of Washington where he pursued a bachelor’s in Economics. While in college, Hussain Sajwani sold time-share apartments in the United Arab Emirates.

He used revenue acquired from this venture to finance Global Logistics Services, his catering outfit. This company is still operational under DAMAC. Hussain Sajwani family boasts of their father’s ability to make informed business choices. He lives in Dubai with his wife and four children. Good education and morals are what he deems most valuable assets for his children.

Sajwani’s Success in Varied Interests

Hussain Sajwani has also gone into other areas of business and flourished in them as well. Dico Investments with AED 3Billion in assets under management in the region was started in 1992. It specializes in four areas, which are inclusive of owning of subsidiaries in growth industries.

As a result of Hussain Sajwani’s business prowess, DAMAC Properties raked $2.3 Billion in revenue in 2015. He makes it a rule to keep off politics even while engaging in business with politicians like U.S president Donald Trump. He accredits his achievement to a combination of luck and vision.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro Tells About The Unique Features Of Life Line Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro has done his M.D. from the New York University School of Medicine. He was a University Scholar. He had also been elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha. He did his residency as well as the chief residency at New York University. He did this in general surgery. Currently, he is the Chief Medical Officer at the Life Line Screening, a post he holds today.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro decided about opening Life Line Screening as he witnessed several drastic cases while working as a cardiovascular surgeon. He had a busy practice where he came across cases like a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms. He realized that these could have been avoided in case the patient was aware of these asymptomatic diseases. Life Line Screening is providing an opportunity for doing exactly that. Such kind of preventative healthcare can easily save lives.

He believes in maintaining high quality all across his company. This is why he is personally overseeing various departments here. He also supervises the physicians who are board certified. He also looks into various research efforts.

The Life Line Screening has a highly talented team that is hard working. Dr. Andrew is excited about the awareness that is growing in the scientific community about the identification of asymptomatic disease when it is in its early stages. This is when medications along with lifestyle changes can help in averting the disease progression leading to a future catastrophe.

The doctors at Life Line Screening can help here in making these changes and monitoring the person. Dr. Andrew Manganaro believes that a number of diseases can be avoided in this simple way. People believe in what he is doing. This is why preventative healthcare is becoming popular among doctors, physicians, patients as well as their family members in order to keep diseases at bay.

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